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Toy Theater Workshop: Transformation through Puppetry

Artist and puppeteer, Morgan Kelly shares the fun and unique form of puppetry known as Toy Theater. This workshop is for families, teachers, visual theater artists, and anyone interested in puppetry. Participants will build small table top stages for performances that explore themes of arts, wellness and personal transformation – all within the expressive and surreal possibilities of “paper theater.” The workshop will culminate in individual performances by participants. $30 / ACA members $20. Limited to 15 participants.

Creative Caregiving

Mondays 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM. In collaboration with the National Center for Creative Aging, ACA uses a series of artistic activities to share innovative ways to interact and enjoy the moment. These sessions focus on caring for the caregiver, and engaging their care partner, through experiences that promote relaxation, concentration, and discovery. Come learn how to connect mind, body, and spirit by using the arts as a tool of expression, social interaction, and lifelong learning. Free, and open to the public. Registration required, limited to 20 participants per session.

Second Saturday Soundwalk

Join ACA as we explore the sounds and rhythms of our urban and natural world. Each walk is beneficial for people of all ages to de-stress, focus, and develop a deeper understanding of how we fit into the ecosystem of our environment. See scheduled dates. Free, and open to the public. Limited to 20 participants. Register to secure your spot.

Mindful Mandalas

A mandala is a symmetrical design or pattern with a central focus that communicates a personal theme or expresses wholeness. This family-friendly workshop will focus on intuitive art making using oil pastels, collage, and illustration board. Led by artist and expressive arts facilitator, Rachel Chase, participants will be guided through gentle mindful movement and relaxing breathing exercises to get in the mindset for creating a beautiful finished mandala. Have fun exploring your creative side in community with others. $30 / ACA members $20. Limited to 15 participants.

Expressive Art Journaling

Workshop for self-discovery and stress release
Come explore art journaling in this class led by artist/art therapist Laura Bohn. The goal of therapeutic art journaling is to reduce stress and promote relaxation by providing a safe space to play, experiment and gain self-guided insight and understanding of one’s own emotions. $30 / ACA members $20.

Transformative Power of Mask-Making

Artist and puppeteer, Morgan Kelly shares the inspiring world of masks. Learn the basics of mask making using a variety of household materials, including cardboard, wire and fabric. Then use your mask to explore the basics of performance and how to transform oneself through mask work. Historical references of masks from around the world will inspire our creations. $30 / ACA members $20. Limited to 15 participants.

Veterans Reading Group for Wives, Partners, and Mothers

11 AM – 1 PM, Fridays, November 3 – November 17
In all wars, women and partners who remain at home face challenges and rewards as their loved ones go to war and when they return. Dr. Lucinda Sloan leads a reading group, using the same texts that veterans are reading, to aid in understanding how experiences are timeless and universal. Share and learn from each other and join the dialogue about war in general, loss, and coping with the return of loved ones. Free, and open to the public.