Pabst Visitor Center & Gallery

Atlantic Center for the Arts Mark and Margery Pabst Visitor Center & Gallery, designed by original ACA architect, Will Miller, was dedicated in 2007. Constructed with cast-in-place concrete, glass, wood beams, and a galvanized aluminum roof, the 5,000 sq. ft. structure is responsive to the site and to Atlantic Center for the Arts legacy of environmental conservation and ecological preservation. It includes three interconnecting galleries: the Master Artist Gallery, the History Gallery, and the Jack Mitchell Portrait Gallery. Also included in the visitors center is the Founder’s Room meeting space, a Gift Shop, and the administrative offices. Outdoor features include the Stine Way Nature Trail, Dial Vig Entryway, and Sorensen Walkway. All of these spaces bring visitors into the world and mission of one of the premier artists’ communities on the globe and allow for expanded partnerships with public schools, universities, volunteers, and environmental groups.

The Pabst Visitor Center & Gallery honors the memory of Mark Pabst, who passed away in 2006. “Mark was an astute businessman, but he was also very nurturing to younger colleagues,” Margery said about her late husband. “He loved Atlantic Center for the Arts because it nurtures artists, and he had a personal commitment to that philosophy.”

Take a 360 tour of the Pabst Visitor Center & Gallery

The Galleries

Jean G. Harris History Gallery

The Jean G. Harris History Gallery portrays the remarkable history of Atlantic Center for the Arts, and documents the mission of the organization through a permanent exhibition – lighted panels that narrate the chronological history, a slide show of residency images, and a computer to log onto ACA’s website or research artists – the gallery is meant to enlighten and inform visitors about the important work of ACA, and the lasting contributions of artists’ communities to our nation’s cultural and environmental legacies.

The gallery was named in honor of Jeanie Harris, through the generosity of Trustee Ed Harris, for his wife, Jeanie.

Master Artist Gallery

The Master Artist Gallery is located in the center of the space, and features changing exhibitions focusing on many themes. Shows include exhibitions by ACA Master Artists, an annual University Student Exhibition focusing on Florida’s Public Universities, and other themed shows. Check the exhibition schedule page to learn about current and upcoming exhibitions at all of our locations.

The Master Artist Gallery is sponsored by Charlotte Everbach, Marcia and Lou Frey, Beverly and Roy Lassiter, and Margery and Mark Pabst.

Jack Mitchell Portrait Gallery

The Jack Mitchell Portrait Gallery showcases 180 Master Artist photographs spanning 22 years, from Atlantic Center’s inaugural residency in 1982 to the end of 2004. These works are stunning images and collectively they convey the history of ACA’s artists-in-residence program in an elegant and striking way. The 16” x 14” black and white portraits are a part of Atlantic Center’s permanent collection.

The gallery was named in honor of Jack Mitchell, through the generosity of former Board Chair, Jim Pugh, and his wife, Alexis.

Gift Shop

The ACA gift shop features items that relate to ACA, including Master Artist books, archived residency posters, and ACA themed items such as t-shirts, hats, mugs, potted plants, and magnets. We also carry items for associate artists that include bug spray, sunscreen, and laundry detergent. The most popular item is our Spruce Creek Wild Honey that is produced and harvested on the grounds of ACA.

The Gift Shop was named in honor of Helen Kolodinsky by former Board Chair Rick Kolodinsky, and his wife, Alison.

Public Walkways

Stine Way

A 500 ft. public art and nature trail, which identifies 20 indigenous plants and animals was sponsored by Bob and Genie Stine.

Dial Vig Walkway

The entryway from the parking area to the front door of the Pabst Visitor Center & Gallery was sponsored by Patricia Dial Vig.

Sorensen Walkway

The path from the entryway to the outdoor sculptures, Celebration by ACA Founder Doris Leeper and Great Green Whale by Master Artist Gio Pomodoro and Associates, was sponsored by Gary and Barbara Sorensen.

About the Architect

William Jerome Miller’s active architectural practice began in New Smyrna Beach, Florida in 1977 with the underlying design philosophy that the man-made environment should not be in contrast with nature, but rather should exist as a poetic result of the natural conditions that determinate how the design is composed. This philosophy is evident at Atlantic Center for the Arts, one of Will’s first commissions; the Bell Administration Building, the Whatmore Commons, the Master Artist cottages and the Urban Amphitheater were designed by Will and dedicated in 1982. The dynamic design of the Pabst Visitor Center & Gallery, constructed of formed-in-place concrete, glass and wood beams with a galvanized aluminum roof, is responsive to the site and to Atlantic Center’s legacy of environmental conservation and ecological preservation.