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The tradition of philanthropy as giving and sharing to enhance the quality of life endures.  Donors are an integral part of the Atlantic Center for the Arts community, and your unwavering support of Atlantic Center is very meaningful to us!

Our 40-year history of serving artists and the creation of new work, and of serving the community through engaging programs, has been an inspiring journey, not only artistically but through the successful navigation of fluctuating funding sources.  As we move forward, we hope you will continue to travel with us as we learn from the past, revel in the moment, and prepare for the future’s unlimited possibilities.

To provide an environment that nurtures and supports artists is a privilege and an honor.  Atlantic Center continues to thrive, and we rely greatly on your continued participation.  Thank you so much.

How to Support ACA

Becoming a member is a simple way to show your support for the organization every year. Your annual membership will help support all of our programs that provide excellent artistic experiences to New Smyrna Beach, Central Florida, the United States and the World!

You can also support ACA by attending fundraising events including our Horsin’ Around auction and our open house called ACA Exposed. The events are designed to be fun, informative, and socially engaging for all supporters and lovers of the arts!

If you interested in volunteering your time to the organization, ACA has many ways you can be involved. Volunteers are the backbone of any successful nonprofit organization and volunteering your time will help ensure ACA can move forward with strength and distinction on in its programming endeavors.

Finally, you can support ACA by sharing our events and mission with your friends and family. You can join our monthly email newsletter list, become a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and visit our YouTube channel. We would like everyone to know about the exciting programs that happen here, and everything you share helps.