Endowing the Legacy

Together, we have built a stunningly transformative culture and program, not only for the artists who attend, but for our community and our supporters. ACA broadens perspective, probes deeply into artistic practice and purpose, and inspires the greatest part of our humanity. Now, it is our responsibility to protect and expand what we have built, and to continue the legacy envisioned by our founder, Doris Leeper, for all time and for all people.

We are committed to this legacy and are proud to announce our 3×23 campaign—to raise $3 million by 2023 to fully endow our core mission, the residency program. As we approach 2027, the 50th anniversary of our founding, we tell the story not only of our past, but of our future. And we see an exciting future! We continue our mission to engage the most important living artists of our time—those working in music composition, choreography, the visual and literary arts, theater, and more—as we create what becomes OUR cultural legacy.

Now is the time to tie your legacy with ours, to ensure that ACA remains the vibrant, living, cultural institution it has become and that you have helped build. Opportunities to support our campaign and individual artists, in any discipline, are below.

Together, we can sustain ACA’s culture of creativity for many years to come!

3×23 Campaign Giving Opportunities

Visionary Circle— Gifts over $50,000
• Lead gifts champion ACA’s legacy and cultural distinction

Legacy Circle— $50,000
• Lifetime Member of Atlantic Center for the Arts
• Named Chair for Master Artist discipline of your choice every 4 years
• Exclusive opportunities to meet with the artists

Artistic Excellence Circle— $10,000
• Named Associate Artist Scholarship
• Dine with the scholarship recipient once a year

Creative Circle—Gifts $1,000 and above
• Recognition on Donor Wall in Pabst Visitor Center and Gallery

Giving Circle—Gifts up to $1,000 
• Recognition on donor page of ACA website

There are a number of ways we can receive your gift, whether by check, the transfer of stock or other assets, or an IRA distribution (age 70½ +). Please call (386) 427-6975 or contact Heather Paternoster, Development Director at hpaternoster@atlanticcenterforthearts.org, or Nancy Lowden Norman, Executive Director at nlowden@atlanticcenterforthearts.org to answer any questions or discuss your gift.