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Creative Caregiving

Mondays 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM. Caregiving for a loved one is a journey of joy and difficulty. Join ACA Arts & Wellness ambassador, Peggy Imbert, and registered music therapist, Vicki Gross and learn how to use creativity to enhance the quality of your daily routine. In collaboration with the National Center for Creative Aging, ACA uses a series of artistic activities to share innovative ways to interact and enjoy the moment. These sessions focus on caring for the caregiver, and engaging their care partner, through experiences that promote relaxation, concentration, and discovery. Come learn how to connect mind, body, and spirit by using the arts as a tool of expression, social interaction, and lifelong learning. Free, and open to the public. Registration required, limited to 20 participants per session. These workshops are structured in an ongoing series of 6 weeks. First series begins September 11, Second series begins October 23rd. Third series begins December 4th.

Transformative Power of Mask-Making

Artist and puppeteer, Morgan Kelly shares the inspiring world of masks. Learn the basics of mask making using a variety of household materials, including cardboard, wire and fabric. Then use your mask to explore the basics of performance and how to transform oneself through mask work. Historical references of masks from around the world will inspire our creations. $30 / ACA members $20. Limited to 15 participants.