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Painting for Veterans

ACA Arts & Wellness is proud to support this exhibition by offering a workshop with renowned Florida artist, Joseph Palmerio. This is a unique experience designed for veterans to express themselves using paint and canvas. He looks forward to sharing his experience working with veterans, and comments, “All I ask is that they bring their enthusiasm and we will have a fun and exciting painting event.” Free for veterans / $90 for non-veterans. Limited to 20 participants.

Veterans Reading Group for Wives, Partners, and Mothers

11 AM – 1 PM, Fridays, November 3 – November 17
In all wars, women and partners who remain at home face challenges and rewards as their loved ones go to war and when they return. Dr. Lucinda Sloan leads a reading group, using the same texts that veterans are reading, to aid in understanding how experiences are timeless and universal. Share and learn from each other and join the dialogue about war in general, loss, and coping with the return of loved ones. Free, and open to the public.

Veterans Reading Group

11 AM – 1 PM, Fridays, September 15 – October 13
Join veterans of all generations across America who are reading and discussing ancient texts about war and warriors: what faces them on the battlefield and at home. Dr. Lucinda Sloan leads a reading group on Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey and Sophocles’ Ajax, which are universal and timeless aids to share insights and experiences across generations. Free, and open to the public.