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Women’s Creative Wellness Mini-Retreat for Self-Care

Join Rachel Chase, artist and women’s circle facilitator, for a memorable day at the beautiful ACA Dance Studio, filled with natural light, surrounded by trees, peace and quiet, and nestled in a remarkable setting just 10 minutes from the beach! The creative self-care retreat experience supports women on their journey of empowerment, exploring personal intentions, and honoring women’s need for supportive connection. Rachel combines various forms of healing arts for an enriching day of fun and nurturing to activate and energize the passion and peace in our lives. Activities include: mindfulness practices, relaxing gentle physical movements (for all ages and all bodies), sound healing, visual arts activities, mindful walking, and community sharing. Limited to 20 participants. $65 / ACA members $50

Intuitive Painting and Movement: An Arts and Wellness Retreat

Join ACA Arts and Wellness ambassador, MAAT art therapist, and professional artist, Laura Bohn for an immersive weekend set in a breathtaking environment. Learn how to use relaxation techniques, painting, and movement as a wellness practice. Discover how to let go and have fun exploring colors, symbols, and mark making. Intuitive Painting can lead to personal insights, storytelling, and healing. Each session focuses on the process and not the product we will create in this safe and nurturing space. We welcome beginning to advanced painters.