Photo by Anja Schutz
Photo by Anja Schutz

Residency Dates: February 12, 2023 - March 04, 2023

Judd Greenstein is a composer and advocate for the independent new music community in the US and around the world. Recent commissions include those from pianist Awadagin Pratt, the TROMP Percussion Festival, and the Knights. He is co-director of New Amsterdam Records, curator of New York’s Ecstatic Music Series and Latvia’s Ecstatic Music Ventspils, and co-curator of the Apples & Olives festival in Zürich and Bern.




Residency Statement:

I look forward to working with creative musicians of any background who are interested in a rich exploration of different music, including our own. I’d like to challenge ourselves to find ways of describing and discussing that music that do not presume any specific historical lineage or educational background but arrives at complex ideas and analyses through an open embrace of the subjective experiences we each bring to the table.

My hope is that we will leave the session with a more robust and broadly-applicable set of descriptive and analytical tools to use in our own creative practices, and perhaps even in the way we listen to all music.

Application Requirements:

  • 2-3 recordings, with accompanying descriptions providing some context of this work in your broader musical life and a brief description of how it was constructed or any other relevant descriptive analysis. Please include any notational instructions for the performance of the work, if applicable, including (but not at all limited to) “classical” musical scores. (For composers who work with notation, please feel free to send virtual-instrument mockups of scores that have not been performed)
  • A biography or CV in any style or form of your choosing
  • In your letter of intent, a statement of any specific personal goals you have for your residency, and any context that would be helpful in understanding those goals. Also, include a description of your own musical creative practice and what music, histories, legacies, and genres inform that practice.

Residency Fee: Waived for this Residency (Includes weekday meals and housing; does not include artist materials, transportation, or weekend meals.)

For details, please visit the Mentoring Artist details page.

Application Closed for Judd Greenstein

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