Artist-in-Residence Program Details


Atlantic Center for the Arts
1414 Art Center Avenue
New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32168
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  • Residency Length: 3 weeks
  • Number of residencies per year: 4
  • Average number of Associate Artists in residence at a time: 24
  • Average number of applicants per year: 350


  • Open to all artists (US and International)
  • Language Requirement: a basic command of the English language is necessary.
  • Applicants must be at least 21 years old at the time of the residency
  • Overnight guests, spouses, children, and pets are not permitted to stay in housing during the residency. Please let Atlantic Center for the Arts staff know if you have a medical caretaker, a service animal, or other medical needs so we have plenty of time to accommodate your needs.

Residency Fees:

  • $900 – Includes weekday meals and housing; does not include artist materials, transportation, or weekend meals.

Scholarships / financial assistance:
Due to COVID-19 and the immense stress it has put on artists, ACA will be offering full scholarships to accepted artists who qualify.

Financial Assistance:
Only accepted Associate Artists may apply for financial assistance. Atlantic Center for the Arts will email you a Financial Aid Form once you are accepted into a residency. You will have about three weeks to complete the form and submit it to ACA. The financial aid awards will be announced about one week later. All accepted Associate Artists are encouraged to apply for assistance.

Financial assistance to Associate Artists is made possible by the generosity of foundations who have partnered with ACA to help offset the residency fee. If you receive financial assistance your fee will be reduced by the amount of your award and will be reflected in the invoice. The financial assistance awards are based on the funds available at the time, and the Associate Artist’s level of need. The Associate Artist’s need is determined by a review of the individual’s most recent IRS statement (U.S.A. Associates) or, for non-U.S.A. Associates, by providing a copy of your most recent annual tax filing with your government. In addition, you should include a brief narrative regarding the economic impact COVID-19 has had on you. Please include documentation reflecting this, i.e. filing of unemployment, pay stubs showing loss of hours, or any type of paperwork requesting financial assistance from local agencies or organizations. Please contact Kevin Miller at  if you have any questions. Click here to see an example of our financial aid form.

The Florida Artist Residency Scholarship for Leadership in the Arts:
We are pleased to announce that ACA will provide one full scholarship for each residency to a full-time Florida resident who qualifies for financial assistance. Only accepted Associate Artists may apply for the scholarship. ACA will email you a Financial Aid Form if you are accepted into a residency. You will have about three weeks to complete the form and submit it to ACA. The financial aid awards will be announced about one week later. Click here to see an example of our financial aid form. (If you are a Florida resident and do not receive this scholarship you will be considered for financial assistance, see above).
This funding is made possible, in part, by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts State Partnership Award and has been matched by the Pabst Steinmetz Foundation.

University of Central Florida Leadership in the Arts Scholarship Award:
Through our longstanding partnership with the University of Central Florida we are pleased to announce this special scholarship award. All current UCF students and faculty members who are accepted into a residency will be admitted free, and will not have to pay the residency fee.

Application process:

  • Application fee: Temporary suspended no charge
  • Application: Atlantic Center for the Arts no longer accepts mailed residency applications. ACA now uses an online application process. Visit How to Apply to read more.
  • Application Deadlines: Visit the Residency Schedule to view deadlines for each residency.
  • Notification of Acceptance: You will be notified via email 4 – 6 weeks after the application deadline.

ACA Orientation Guide:

Click here to learn more about preparing prior to arriving at ACA, what to expect during the residency and the following topics:

  • Accessibility
  • Accommodations
  • Associate Introductions
  • Health and Safety
  • How to arrive at ACA
  • Maps
  • Meals
  • Studios/special equipment
  • Services provided during the residency


Master Artist Selection:

Atlantic Center for the Arts does not accept unsolicited requests to be considered for the position of Master Artist-in-Residence. Master Artists are identified by Atlantic Center for the Arts National Council members. Artists are contacted by National Council members or the Program Department for possible invitations to participate in the residency program.

If you have any questions, please email Ivan Riascos, Residency Director