Residency Dates: October 15, 2017 - November 04, 2017
Application Deadline: June 11, 2017

Applications closed for Terese Svoboda

Terese Svoboda is a Pabst Endowed Chair for Master Writers.

A recent Guggenheim Fellow, Terese Svoboda’s seventh book of poetry is Professor Harriman’s Steam Air-Ship (Eyewear). “An expansive, evolving body of brilliance” – D.A. Powell. When the Next Big War Blows Down the Valley: Selected and New Poems (Anhinga Press) was published in 2015.  “Terese Svoboda is one of few contemporary American writers who possesses a global consciousness” –  Brooklyn Rail. Weapons Grade (U. of Arkansas) appeared in 2009. “Svoboda’s poems are as haunting as they are funny, as pleasurable as they are powerful” – Publisher’s Weekly. A Booksense pick-of-the-month, Treason (Zoo Press) is “Ironical, tough-minded, refusing the “treason” of our sad human trafficking in love.” – L.A. Times. Mere Mortals (U. of Georgia) is “For readers who prefer the chill of a dry martini” – Library Journal. Laughing Africa (U. of Iowa) won the Iowa Prize. All Aberration (University of Georgia) was a Publisher’s Weekly feature. Anything That Burns You: A Portrait of Lola Ridge, Radical Poet (Schaffner Press), appeared in 2015. Radical, modernist, fiery, glamorous, feminist” – Robert Pinsky. Svoboda has also published six novels, a memoir that won the Graywolf Nonfiction Prize, and a book of translations from the Nuer. She is the recipient of several NYFA fellowships, three prizes from the Poetry Society of America, the Bobst Prize, a Pushcart Prize, and the O. Henry for the short story. Her opera WET premiered at L.A.’s Disney Hall in 2005. Her short stories, Live Sacifice (Ravenna Press) appeared in 2017. Currently teaching at Stony Brook/Southampton, Svoboda has twice been Distinguished Visiting Professor at the U. of Hawaii and held the McGee Professorship at Davidson, and also taught at Williams, the College of William and Mary, the Universities of Tampa and Miami, Sarah Lawrence, San Francisco State, New School, Columbia School of the Arts, Bennington, Fairleigh Dickinson, Wichita State, and Fordham.

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Residency Statement

We will put the “play” back into poetry. And politics. And passion.  All three will be dangerous – but we’re after the truth in its purest form, and sometimes it’s not on the surface, it has to be dredged up or teased out or toyed with. Mornings we’ll make poems, weekday afternoons from 2-4 PM we’ll experiment in our “lab” – except for Thursdays, when we’ll have individual conferences for poets to bring in poems not generated during our afternoon sessions. In addition to rethinking or consolidating work, we will read and talk about timely essays, and review the writing of other provocative poets. “The sources of poetry are in the spirit seeking completeness” – Muriel Rukeyser.


Application Requirements

Please submit your best five poems, publication history, your instruction in poetry, and a statement describing what you hope to accomplish during this residency (.doc, .docx, .pdf)

Residency Fee: $900

Includes a $100 administration fee, weekday meals and housing; does not include artist materials, transportation, or weekend meals.

Scholarships / Financial Assistance

Only accepted Associate Artists may apply for financial assistance. For details, please visit the master artist details page.

Application fee: $25 

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