Summer Art Camp

Atlantic Center for the Arts Summer Art Camp Summer Art Camp details
123 Douglas Street at the Yurick Studios, ACA Downtown
weekly art camps for ages 6-12
June 14 – August 12, 2016
Tuesday – Friday, 9 AM – 2 PM
$105 for ACA members; $130 nonmembers
Scholarships are available for each session. Pre-registration is required

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2016 Schedule – Click here see what our amazing camp teachers have planned for you!

Painting, music, dance and more – kids love Summer Art Camp at Atlantic Center for the Arts! Modeled after Atlantic Center’s world-renowned artists-in-residence program, each one-week session features three classes that give kids an opportunity to explore ideas of art and culture through hands-on experiences with a variety of art forms, including paper maché, painting, photography, tai chi, drumming, dance, and more. Atlantic Center for the Arts’ Summer Art Camp is held at ACA’s Community Arts Center in our Yurick Studios. The final session will take place at ACA’s main campus, in the beautiful Leeper Studios. Each session features different art instructors and participants will meet new friends and take home artwork every week. There is downtime for snacks, stretching, games and lunch. The Young Masters exhibition in ACA’s Harris House Gallery will feature artwork made in camp. For more information, please call Peggy Imbert at 386.402.7517.

GENERAL INFORMATION – Atlantic Center for the Arts’ Summer Art Camp is held at ACA’s Yurick Studios (123 Douglas Street, New Smyrna Beach). Each weekly session in the seven-week program features three classes that give kids an opportunity to explore ideas of art and culture through hands-on experience with a variety of art forms. There is downtime for snacks, stretching, games, and lunch. Participants will meet new friends and take home artwork every week. The final session will take place at ACA’s main campus, in the beautiful Leeper Studios. The Young Masters exhibit in ACA’s Harris House Gallery will feature artwork made in camp. Camp coordinator, Mr. Ren, is looking forward to a great summer!

Age – Children must be between 6 years old (or have completed kindergarten) and 12 years old.

Registration & Payment – Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Full payment of tuition is due ten days before the first day of the session for which your child is registered.

Wait List – If a session reaches 51 participants, ACA will create a wait list. Wait listed families will be contacted up to 9 AM on the first day of that session if space opens.

Scholarships – Financial aid is available for students in need of assistance. Scholarships are awarded on a first come, first served basis, for as long as funds are available.  Full scholarships are only awarded in cases of extreme hardship.

Materials – The camp fee covers the cost of all materials. Occasionally, instructors may ask children to bring in special items for a project such as copies of family photos or blank CDs.

Drop off & Pick up – On the first day of each session, please arrive to the front of ACA’s Harris House between 8:15 and 8:45 AM to finalize registration. After the first day, please arrive to the back of ACA’s Harris House between 8:30AM than 8:50AM. Parents may wait until their children are escorted to their respective classes if they choose to do so. Camp Classes end at 2 PM. Children should be picked up between 2 and 2:30 PM at Yurick Studios. Children must be signed in and out by their parent or guardian each day. Children may only be picked up by authorized adults. Parents are required to provide advance notice for early/late drop off or pick up, and the full name of individuals who are authorized to drop off or pick up. Changes must be submitted in writing.

Lunch – Students must bring their own lunch in containers with their names clearly written on the outside. Lunches will not be refrigerated.

Snacks – ACA provides a snack break at mid-morning. Snacks consist of lemonade or a fruit drink, and water, with cookies, pretzels, crackers, popcorn, or fruit snacks. Please advise us on the registration form (or on a separate, attached document) of any dietary restrictions or allergies. If your child has a food allergy, please specify the severity of the allergy. Let us know if your child should be isolated from the group during lunch.

Health Concerns & Allergies – Parents must advise us of any health concerns including, but not limited to allergies. It is important for us to be apprised of any behavioral or medical issues. This information is held in the strictest confidence by ACA staff and is only available to Camp Instructors at staff discretion.

Disabilities Policy – It is ACA’s sincere wish that our programs be open and accessible to all participants, regardless of ability. ACA is open to enrollment of camp participations with disabilities on a trial basis. This is done with the understanding that some participants may require the presence and assistance of a parent or guardian to provide additional assistance. If at any time ACA staff feels that the participant is experiencing ongoing challenges or difficulties in the camp environment that have a disruptive effect on the group, ACA reserves the right to ask that participation be discontinued.

Refund Policy – In cases of registration cancellation, a refund of the full tuition, minus the $20 non-refundable deposit must be requested one week prior to the first day of the session.wsbb

Gift Certificates – Gift Certificates must be paid in full, for the full tuition amount. ($105 ACA members/$130 nonmembers) Member status refers to the purchaser of the Gift Certificate (not the recipient) at the time of purchase. One Gift Certificate = one child, one session.

Schedule –  

Session 5: July 19 – 22
“Sea” What we create with Leslie Zahn – Campers will connect art and the ocean to create a monochromatic painting of a view from under the sea.
ZOOM IN!!! with Martha Lent – Kids will find a big world of inspiration as they examine natural objects through a microscope to create patterns with collage, to develop textures from unusual materials, and to make an abstract painting.
African Dance with Miss Yvette – Kids laugh and smile as they learn traditional dances from various parts of Africa combined into a multi-level fun, energetic workout.

Session 6: July 26 – 29
Wild at Heart with Heather Pastor – Children will create works of art using recycled materials that are inspired by animals and the environment.
Just Me and the Sea with Mary Tappan – Paint a seascape. Build a lighthouse. Imagine undiscovered ocean creatures.
African Dance Again with Miss Yvette – African dance class with new and different moves thrown in the mix. Ms. Yvette keeps kids moving, laughing and smiling while they learn about different cultures.

Session 7: Aug. 2 – 5
Sculptures of Calder with Amy Fernandez – Campers learn about the artist Alexander Calder and his famous movable sculptures. Children create a freestanding piece that contains kinetic or moving parts.
LIONS & TIGERS & BEARS with Jamie Doyle – Kids learn 3-D design and create amazing papier maché animal sculptures.
A Tour of Dance with Amber Johnson, Surfscape Dancer – Experience short combinations of dance from multiple styles including ballet, modern, jazz, lyrical and hip hop.

Session 8: Aug. 9 – 12
At ACA’s Main Campus
Showtime Part II with Simeon Newton, Surfscape Dancer – Children use props and storyline, both spoken and physical, to tell a compelling story through movement with a performance on Friday.
Nature Cube with Martha Lent – Campers learn about collaborations in nature: Honey Bees and ants, and clownfish and sea anemones. They work together to design and decorate boxes that will result in a public art piece.
The Power of Yoga with Danielle Weier – Children will learn about yoga as they draw and play movement games, and learn to relax.