Residency Dates: October 11, 2020 - October 31, 2020
Application Deadline: June 30, 2020

Dora Garcia Community Outreach – Via Zoom | Friday, October 23, 2 PM  Click here to register for this free program.


Born in Valladolid, Spain, 1965
Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain

Dora García reflects on the parameters and conventions governing the presentation of art, on the question of time (real and fictional) and on the boundaries between representation and reality. Through her work the artist presents reality as multiple and questionable and explores the relationship between the artist, the work, and the public. She acts like a cinema director who tells stories (or simply selects them), unchains a situation, situates us in a scenario or makes us participants in a game the rules of which are very similar to reality and for this very fact allow us to question it. Her work, conceptual in nature, consists of text, photographs, and installations restricted to a specific location. She often draws on participation and performance. Through minimal changes, the exhibition space is converted into a different experience for each visitor, who leaves it with his or her perceptions altered, or at least with a degree of skepticism and doubt. For more information, please visit and and

PLEASE NOTE: Dora García will select four Spanish (citizens) artists and four non-Spanish artists to participate in the residency program. ACA, in partnership with the Cultural Office of the Spanish Embassy ( will provide the four Spanish participants with $600 in transportation reimbursements and no charge to attend the residency. All non-Spanish artists may apply for financial assistance – see below.

Residency Statement

As an artist, I like to challenge received/ conventional ideas on art processes, art production, institutions, and authorship. I enjoy working on the crossovers, intersections, and contamination of different disciplines, sometimes clearly interconnected, like literature, poetry, cinema and visual arts, sometimes not so easily related, like politics, ecology, history, psychoanalysis, and visual arts. So, I would like very much to work with artists of every discipline – not only visual arts- who similarly enjoy Interdisciplinary, indiscipline, and contamination. Other strong interests of mine more related to working processes are; contexts, site-specificity, popular culture, and audiences. So, the workshop will have an important component of group dynamics (What do we want, as a group?) site specificity (Where are we working?) and the notion of public (For whom are we working, who are we talking to?).

Application Requirements

  1. Letter of intent – no longer than 500 words, describing your artistic background, current practice, and where you want to go (their future practice). (.pdf, .docx, .doc)
  2. Two images, that can be of your own work, or of something you think represents well your work (.jpeg or .pdf.  –  no more than 5 mb per file.)

Residency Fee: $900  (Citizens of Spain will not be charged to attend this residency)

Includes a $100 administration fee, weekday meals and housing; does not include artist materials, transportation, or weekend meals.

Scholarships / Financial Assistance

Only accepted Associate Artists may apply for financial assistance. For details, please visit the master artist details page.

Application fee: FREE!    Click here to Apply   ($25 fee has been waived)

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