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The Charlotte Battle Everbach Archiving Fund preserves the very history Charlotte helped create at Atlantic Center for the Arts. Its video archives date back to its founding in 1977, and consists of over 400 video tapes documenting its Master Artist-in-Residence program, 150 tapes of other original programming including the Ethics of Change, February Forum, and Music in Motion, and another 100 tapes of panel discussions, Spirit Enrichment Award and fundraising events, Volunteer League activities and Children’s Art Programs. Proceeds from this fund will be used to organize, preserve, secure and sustain videotapes, documents, photographs, artworks, and audio for present and future use. By creating and maintaining a comprehensive record of Atlantic Center for the Arts history, we can preserve our cultural legacy.

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Charlotte Battle Everbach was a founding board member and Atlantic Center for the Arts #1 cheerleader. Charlotte was a phenomenal woman who had been at the very heart of Atlantic Center since founder Doris “Doc” Leeper broached the concept to a group of friends in 1977. She had met Doc several years earlier, and had spent many a weekend playing tennis and socializing on the fabled court at Doc’s home in Eldora. Charlotte came onto the Board of Trustees in 1980, serving as Chair in 1985-1986, and continued her service through 2017, when she was nominated by the Board to “Life Trustee.” In 2009 she received ACA’s prestigious “Spirit Enrichment Award,” presented to a person who has made outstanding contributions to a wide variety of human endeavors, who has enhanced and enriched our cultural heritage, and whose continuing accomplishments will be of significance, not only to us, but to future generations.

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Some would say that Charlotte Battle Everbach’s college mantra, “We can do better” was her rallying cry for excellence and community service for most of her life.

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